The Turner Trails

Welcome to Turner’s Yorkshire

JMW Turner RA (1775-1851) was one of Britain's greatest landscape painters, watercolourists and printmakers. Renowned as 'the painter of light', Turner's work helped to place romantic landscape painting on a par with history painting in the 19th Century and helped plant the seeds of impressionism.

Turner first visited Yorkshire in 1797 and returned here throughout his life, inspired by the spirituality he found in its glorious landscapes. He visited more than 70 places, sketching and painting the views from so many angles. Many scenes in his Yorkshire works can still be viewed today. You can explore each of these places and find out more about Turner’s inspiration behind them by clicking on the map below.

You can also download and enjoy many exciting activities, including audio trails, self-guided walking trails, podcasts and even a geocache trail around Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. These will all give you the opportunity to truly discover the many scenes that inspired his genius.

Discover Turner themed events and walks in Yorkshire here.

Discover the landscapes that inspired one of Britain's greatest artists

Welcome to Yorkshire - Turner Trails