The Yorkshire Sausage


The Yorkshire Sausage

Have you ever wondered what was missing from your last Yorkshire breakfast or the bangers and mash your mum used to make? The answer? The Yorkshire Sausage!

In April this year, award-winning Ilkley butcher, David Lishman, in partnership with Welcome to Yorkshire, launched a campaign to find an official Yorkshire Sausage. Lincolnshire, Cumberland and Suffolk all have distinctive sausages named after them: sausages which are rooted in their local history and celebrated across the country as mealtime favourites. But Yorkshire, the biggest county in the UK, known for its high quality produce and farming heritage, does not have a namesake sausage.

In a bid to give the sausage lovers of Yorkshire a banger they can be proud of, Welcome to Yorkshire and David led a series of Yorkshire-wide street sampling roadshows and events this summer, where Yorkshire folk have helped to choose the official Yorkshire Sausage. Over 3,500 people from Leyburn to York and from Leeds to Scarborough have tasted each of David's six sausage recipes and on Yorkshire Day 2011, with all the votes counted and verified, the winning sausage was annouced!

David would like to share the winning recipe with butchers and the people of Yorkshire, giving sausage fans the chance to try their county's official banger.


Official Yorkshire Sausage recipe


135g salt

27g white pepper

19g nutmeg

19g mace

19g ground coriander

19g dried parsley.

Total 238g seasoning



6.8 kg pork shoulder & belly

672g pinhead rusk or dried breadcrumbs



  1. Mince the pork through a 5 mm mincer plate.
  2. Add the seasonings and bread/ rusk
  3. Add water to rehydrate the bread or rusk (approx 1.3kg)
  4. Mince for a second time.
  5. Fill into natural hog casings.

The latest Yorkshire Sausage photos from across the county

Recent photos taken at the Dales Food and Drink Festival, Scarborough, York and Leeds.







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