1 star: Simple, practical, no frills. 
2 star: Well presented and well run. 
3 star: Good level of quality and comfort. 
4 star: Excellent standard throughout. 
5 star: Exceptional with a degree of luxury.

Accommodation quality ratings

Under the Enjoy England ratings scheme, hotels have to be licensed, offer dinner at least 5 nights a week (unless categorised as a Metro Hotel) and have all rooms en suite or with private bathrooms. The different hotel categories are: Hotel, Small Hotel, Country House Hotel, Metro Hotel, Town House Hotel and Budget Hotel, which you will see displayed on the marquee below the star ratings.

You may also see the old star ratings on various accommodation providers who are awaiting assessment under the new scheme. These star ratings symbolise the levels of service and range of facilities. Hotels are required to meet progressively higher standards as they move up the scale from one to five stars.

1 star: All rooms ensuite or private.
2 star: Dinner usually available every evening.
3 star: All rooms ensuite. Room service also available.
4 star: 24-hour room service and 50% of rooms have a bath and a shower.
5 star: A number of permanent suites and enhanced services eg concierge, full afternoon tea.